We open our doors at 8am and the emphasis at this time of day is usually separation and settling into the environment. The outdoor environment will be set up with a balance of active play activities as well as quiet individual and group activities.

By about 9:30 the children are usually ready to begin their outdoor morning activities so we stop indoor experiences for a toilet break and to wash our hands. At around 10am we have a short group time to settle and prepare the children for the day.


From 10:30am morning tea is on offer and each child is welcome to sit at the morning tea table and help themselves to fresh fruit, yoghurt, toast and a drink. This helps to encourage independence as the child will be offered appropriate utensils to choose their fruit, and pour a drink.

At around 11:30am the group will begin to pack away their activities and come together for another group experience.


Lunch is typically around noon and is a great opportunity to encourage learning about health and developing social skills. As each child finishes lunch they will pack away and have a play outdoors. Some children at this point will require a rest/sleep and are able to choose whether to go straight to sleep or have a short play first.


Our older children will usually have a play outside before going in for some quiet activities or meditation to recover from their active morning and build up their strength for the afternoon.

Afternoon tea is offered at around 3:30pm and children once again will be encouraged to help themselves to a snack and a drink. At this time of the day many children will begin to leave and so our activities remain unstructured. The children who remain will have an outdoor play session before going inside for activities. By this time most children are fairly tired so we encourage activities which don't require much exertion like reading, listening to music, individual activities or meditation.


At pick up time families are welcome to ask questions or discuss their child's day with the staff. However if you are rushed in the afternoon you may just want to look at our daily diary which is located in your child's room.

Although our daily routine is important and is adhered to as much possible we feel that it is beneficial to allow for an amount of flexibility so that spontaneous opportunities for learning can be embraced and the children's natural inquisitiveness is not undervalued.