Centennial Park Early Learning Centre provides an orientation process for new children and their families. Most children will show a varying degree of separation anxiety which will subside as your child becomes familiar with the environment.

Some helpful hints:

  • It is best to make your goodbyes quick. Hesitating and not leaving after you have said goodbye only prolongs your child's anxiety and confuses them. Most children who have trouble separating soon settle and shortly turn their attention to an activity.
  • Try to establish a routine when leaving. For example, a cuddle and giving them to a staff member, reassuring them that you will return in the afternoon.
  • Try to talk about the centre at home and mention names of staff and other children. Talk about the fun and enjoyable things they able to do when they arrive.
  • Provide a favourite toy to support your child when they are separating from you or to help them settle at sleep. This will help your child feel more secure.
  • Help staff to understand your child's needs. For example, what activities they enjoy the most, successful ways of helping them rest, etc.